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A space to learn anxiety management skills, with live support, and a community who truly sees you.

About The Unwind Community

The purpose of Unwind is to come together as a community of likeminded moms, to practice the skills that will help you actually manage the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety that often comes with motherhood.

Rather than more reading, scrolling, and worrying your way through tough times, this is a space to get out of your head and into your body and heart: to practice and master the skills that will truly help you find your calm. 

Through live events, audio recordings, on-demand practice sessions, and specific topic deep-dive lessons, I'll guide you through the most useful and tangible strategies like mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, EFT (tapping), thought challenging, and other proven anxiety and stress reduction techniques.

On top of that, you'll connect with a community who sees you and understands how you feel. Members can chat with each other, posts questions, and offer support. Plus, I'll have the ability to go way deeper with my support that I can on Instagram - which means, your questions get answered. 

I'm so excited that you taken this step! Scroll down to join. 

xox Kate Borsato

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